Audyssey is a leader in research-based audio technologies that improve the listening experience in virtually any setting.

Perfecting the Listening Experience

Audyssey’s science-based approach to improving audio performance helps manufacturers overcome acoustical challenges to deliver a superior listening experience in a growing number of market segments.
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Home Theater

Audyssey’s consumer technologies help home audio enthusiasts overcome suboptimal room acoustics to create the perfect listening experience.
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Audyssey helps major TV manufacturers deliver a rich entertainment experience by maximizing output of integrated TV speakers.
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Movie Theater

IMAX trusts Audyssey to individually tune its movie theaters to deliver the perfect immersive movie-going experience.
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Many of the world’s luxury automotive brands use Audyssey’s audio technologies to tune the listening experience in their flagship models.
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Mobile Audio

Audyssey’s suite of mobile audio technologies improve the listening experience in phones, headphones and other portable audio devices.